ASAN Memorial Senior Secondary School | CBSE School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School

Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School was inaugurated on 30th July, 1966 in memory of the renowned Malayalam poet Mahakavi Kumaran Asan and it is run by the Asan Memorial Association. The school received its CBSE affiliation in 1969 making it the very first private CBSE School in Chennai. The School has consistently secured 100% success in Public Examinations with about 75% first classes. It has also excelled in sports and some of the participants were awarded scholarships by CBSE. Some students have been the recipients of the NCERT Talent Search Scholarship, as well.

The school caters to the educational needs of those who would like to have their children brought up in a modern public school adapted to the form of a ‘vidyashram’, a modern version of our ancient system of education emphasizing all-round development of personality and character throughout life, close contact between the teacher and the taught and a wide range of activities that help to attain self-fulfillment. At the same time, the school tries to embody some of the features of the English public schools that are suitable to Indian tradition.

The aim of the school is to build a strong young generation with a sound body, a well-trained mind with habits and accomplishments conducive to a fuller, more purposeful and nobler life to blossom into an integrated personality.